Mtb Training 24.05

Heuteabend mal wieder einen ersten Training gemacht seit das ich Freitag zuhause gekommen bin.
Meinen Beinen und ich haben es genossen.
Heute im regen gefahren,einen runde über Gildehaus mit der nötige Höhen und Felsenwegen.

War sehr schön
35,32km in 1:35:02







Tonight again a first training  since I came home Friday.
My legs and I enjoyed it.
Today  in the rain, a Tour around Gildehaus with the required heights and rocky trails.

Was very nice
35,32km in 1:35:02


Biketrip Ruhrgebiet

From last wednesday untill friday i was visiting the German ciry Bottrop and made some nice Tours with friends.
I made over 300 K


On the next links you can see Reports and pictures from it on my facebookpage
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Riding home
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Interview in german from me

Hier is das Interview mit Sportundich zu lesen auf deutsch .

Here is the English translation.

I am a 34 year old father of two daughters.

Since a few years they found that I have osteoarthritis and worn discs.
In the summer of 2014 I stopped smoking together with my wife.
Already soon I realized that had to do something with my body.

Already soon I started running  and hiken.
I did 46,2km run under 5 hours on the German Rothaarsteig for me quite a performance.

In the meantime I also started with mountainbiking, a lot of fun and sometimes I sit 160km in the saddle.

Of course it is not always very easy, but because i dont give up.
With my activities I always do photo reportage and write everything on my blog and Facebook page, so I can share it with many people.

Furthermore, I have a few goals for myself, a multi-day bike ride through Germany and I would like to take the pilgrimage to Spain.